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Complete outsourcing: IT, software and document entry by the Netfolio Service Centre

Outsourcing with document entry lets our customers outsource all tasks associated with Netfolio to our Service Centre. Clients who make use of this offer benefit from professional execution, with data capture and processing done by skilled professionals in strict compliance with the relevant data protection and anonymity requirements. They also ensure that they meet the compliance requirements.

Clients that use the Service Centre minimise their IT infrastructure costs, as investment in areas such as updates, servers or firewalls is unnecessary. The Service Centre also saves additional expense in terms of personnel or supervision.

Outsourcing to the Service Centre from Alphasys has the advantage over the in-house option in that interested portfolio owners can be given a log-in if desired. Asset managers and employees can access the approved portfolios from any place and at any time (by means of internet access, computer browser, tablet and smart phone).


Services from Netfolio Service Centre for complete outsourcing

The services provided by the Netfolio Service Centre encompass the following:

  • Provision of infrastructure (Software-as-a-Service)
  • Data entry (via bank interfaces, scan engine or manual)
  • Technical support (data/systems maintenance)

The Netfolio Service Centre employs a team of specialists with in-depth knowledge of managing portfolios. They cater to clients’ personal requests and are familiar with the demands of modern asset management.