Empowering the web

DeaFramework is a programming framework which is suitable for any company that wants to produce Internet-based applications, such as Internet or intranet solutions.

DeaFramework is a development tool for web applications based on the object-oriented programming language Java. The programming framework is suitable for any Internet-based application, i.e. for computer programs that are run on a web server. Interaction with the user is exclusively via a browser. Alphasys developed its Netfolio software on the basis of DeaFramework.

DeaFramework is comprised of two parts, a development tool and a core system. The development tool is a plug-in for Microsoft Visio, i.e. a tool for visualising processes and structures. The core system was developed in the programming language Java, and is installed in what is known as a web container (e.g. Apache tomcat). With the aid of this, the system can accept and answer inquiries from users.

With DeaFramework it is possible to develop web applications with several projects, various designs and in several languages. Its main function is the execution and interpretation of flow charts. Using simple "drag and drop" to handle objects on the user interface, it is possible to display and translate the flow charts of a web application.

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