EBICS for applications in a Java environment

EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) is already in wide use in Europe and Switzerland, and replaces the previous BCS-FTAM standard. Alphasys has developed an EBICS interface that simplifies internet-based data exchanges with the standard for banks and companies.

The Netfolio EBICS interface is an enhancement to the standard EBICS Java Package and was developed by Alphasys for electronic data exchanges. This application includes both an EBICS interface as well as an EBICS user management tool. The solution is available as an independent application or as a Java Class Library. It it very stable and runs reliably, not only in Europe but now also in Canada. For this reason, banks recommend us as a provider.

We offer the EBICS interface at the moderate price of CHF 600 (basic licence) and CHF 180 (annual licence).

The advantages of EBICS

  • One standard for all credit institutions and clients: reach company clients with one software for every credit institution that offers EBICS (in Germany, this is every credit institution)
  • Open standard: company clients can use standard products or individual software
  • Modern technology and international standards like XML, https, TLS, ZIP
  • Highest security standards, for example encryption on the transport level and end-to-end
  • A means of transport for all business processes like debits, transfers, account withdrawals, cash management, securities orders and much more
  • Incorporation of service providers with a multi-level signature concept
  • Approve orders regardless of location
  • Price and performance determine the competition, not the technology and the effort involved in switching a bank account

Source: www.ebics.org/home-page/


Recommendations for implementing the EBICS standard in the Swiss financial centre

EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) is an internet-based communications standard for electronic data exchanges with banks. After a transition period EBICS will replace the previous standard BCS-FTAM for which there is no internet protocol. The recommendations listed here are being supported by Swiss financial institutions from 2016. The use of EBICS is not mandatory for institutions in Switzerland.

Swiss Market Practice Guidelines EBICS Version 1.1.pdf

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