Browser-based CRM solution for asset management

Strengthened regulations in the area of compliance for asset management require stricter management of customer data. Alphasys has developed a comprehensive, browser-based CRM solution. The tool simplifies processes, improves efficiency, and fulfils the requirement to "Know your customer".

Most portfolio management systems (PMS) do not offer a tool for customer relationship management (CRM), and those that do offer a simple tool generally integrated into the interface. Person-specific data must therefore be entered multiple times, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. An integrated, overall solution is a growing need for asset managers and banks due to the increasing complexity. NetfolioCRM is a solution that meets this need and can also be used as a standalone solution.


What Netfolio CRM can do
  • one-time entry of a customer
  • central storage and management of customer data, customer contracts and documents, including proof of validity
  • ability to connect persons
  • traceability of customer contacts and changes
  • saving of risk profiles for customers, including printable documents
  • classification into risk categories and filtering based on this criterion
  • easy report generation for FINMA, SRO and other institutions
  • protected access for client advisors and customers to defined areas
  • browser-based for responsive mobile use capability
  • design of screens and output based on a company's corporate design guidelines

Netfolio users who want to assist their customers in various divisions, such as asset management, tax consulting, real estate consulting, insurance, etc. have higher demands when it comes to information management. They need to be able to see at all times which person in which division had contact with a customer or wants to contact a customer, and who is currently working on which open issue. Extended contact information from external specialists from the various divisions should be visible in the system. The archiving of customer contracts and documents is also completed with a common denominator.


Data hosting

The data is hosted securely in Switzerland or by the Netfolio customers themselves. Data protection and security have the highest priority and are guaranteed.