Asset management for a demanding clientele

Are you a private investor doing your own investment? Are you working with different banks and want an overview of multiple bank accounts? Then you’re in the right place.

With the software NetfolioPrivate, we offer private investors and companies an efficient service for asset management. You get in-depth reporting, currently valued, for all investments of any type. In addition to listed shares you can model private equity, assets such as real estate, art, life assurance and more besides in your portfolio. And it's no problem at all to keep track of risks, key figures such as volatility and value at risk, compliance with your ris profile, and bank expenses.

But how does it work?

It's easy: you upload your bank receipts in PDF format via a secure internet connection onto our server, or even arrange with your bank for us to receive a copy of your bank receipts electronically or by post. And if you have other investments that you want to map in your portfolio, simply let us know. We ensure you the highest confidentiality and security.

We take care of the rest. After a short delay you'll find a full overview of all your investments, evaluated on a daily basis, including history and costs.

Wherever you are, you have access to your investments at any time, even with your smartphone or tablet. You will be impressed by the various views and recognise at a glance which position has the best yields or how high the risk is.

What about the costs? Depending on the volume, we offer a full reporting starting at CHF 150 per month, excluding set-up.

Interested? Please contact us via phone or contact-form. You will be excited about the vast possibilities Portfolio management with Netfolio is offering.