Other institutions

Netfolio fulfils individual requirements

The customers of Alphasys include other institutional investors like family offices, trusts, funds, fund companies and foundations. You benefit from the various functions and illustrations from "Netfolio", the software for asset management, and particularly from the applications designed especially for these business areas.


Family Offices / Trusts

The family assets for customers from all over the world are arranged in various categories. Frequently they are assets with complicated investments and multi-level structures, such as with trusts. It is therefore obviously challenging to meet the high requirements for oversight, reporting and compliance and to guarantee the required transparency. In these areas in particular, the Netfolio Family Offices and Trusts portfolio management system can assist with administration and even simplify it.

  • overview, valuation and calculation on multiple levels
  • person and structure management as well as coverage of compliance requirements with NetfolioCRM and other add-ons
  • detailed, customer-oriented and transparent reporting
  • access all data from any place and at any time
Funds / Fonds Companies

Fund companies manage high levels of assets in a few large and broadly diversified portfolios. In order to maintain an overview, it is necessary to have a clear structure, a detailed asset allocation and extensive risk management. Netfolio offers all these advantages and more.

  • clear distribution of the investment classes, also individually adjustable
  • matrices for investments / currencies / countries, etc.
  • detailed asset allocation
  • Top/Flop with one click
  • many calculations that are not even made available by banks to this extent

Foundations feature many different structures and objectives. The requirements that a foundation has for a portfolio management system are every bit as individual. Even foundations can have investments that focus on several levels. In addition, software for asset management must offer the option of managing material assets and creating structure reports. Netfolio meets this as well as all other requirements for modern asset management.

  • detailed overview of all assets and individual structures
  • management of material assets and private equity
  • enter and review investment policies
  • detailed risk analysis