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Partial outsourcing: Software and advice from the Netfolio Service Center

Compared with complete outsourcing, partial outsourcing differs in the management of data by staff on the client side. The client benefits from a browser-based solution, but has the responsibility for data entry, data maintenance and reconciliation.

Master data entry (customers, deposits, accounts, balances) is done by our specialists or the client/his staff, depending on the agreement.

The documents are automatically updated via ScanEngine, an interface, or manually updated in the system. The more responsibility taken on by the client or the client's staff, the lower the transaction fees.

In the event of staff bottlenecks (holiday absences, illnesses), we are happy to make our experienced staff available.

Services from Netfolio Service Centre for partial outsourcing
  • Provision of infrastructure (Software-as-a-Service)
  • technical support (portfolio management, financial and informatics knowledge)
  • Technical support (data/systems maintenance)