Innovation, high security and compliance

To meet our ambitious aspirations in terms of innovation, security and compliance, Alphasys specialists foster close collaboration a network of partners: Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), SIX Financial Information (Telekurs AG) and several other organisations.

The partners have proven expertise in information technology, processing financial information and financial sector compliance. The combination of the specialist skills of Alphasys and the expertise of its partners enables us to constantly drive innovation forward and ensure that our products and services always meet the relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

Alphasys also exploits synergy resulting from its location at the Technopark in Winterthur. There is a direct and close interchange of ideas with ZHAW, which is also based there.

SIX Financial Information Ltd   

A reliable source of international financial information

SIX Financial Information Ltd (formerly SIX Telekurs) and Alphasys have a history of close and fruitful collaboration. Access to the SIX Financial Information database of SIX Financial Information enables Alphasys to provide its clients with international financial information in real time. SIX Financial Information is represented in all the important financial centres and has a range of data covering more than 23 million financial instruments.

Alphasys software solutions are linked with SIX Financial Information via an interface. The apiD delivery platform allows Netfolio users to access the database, a set of functions and the technical interfaces of SIX Financial Information.

Among other things the database includes real-time and historical prices, fundamental information on companies, markets and financial instruments, as well as business news.

ApiD with Netfolio

Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)   

Dialogue between the academic and commercial world

Ever since it was formed, Alphasys IT Services AG has exploited the synergies resulting from its location to promote innovation and the development of its products, cultivate intensive dialogue and transfer of expertise with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), which is also based in in Winterthur Technopark.

The ZHAW places great importance on an interdisciplinary approach, both in its courses and in research. This is also reflected in the collaboration between Alphasys and the institutions of the ZHAW. For example, a prototype for automatically reading bank slips was developed in cooperation with the university’s Institute for Applied IT (InIT). A security analysis Netfolio and its server was also carried out in collaboration with the InIT.


Independent share valuations

The Swiss company theScreeneer rates all common stocks, sectors and indices worldwide on a quantitative basis. The ratings and analyses are used by banks, asset managers, institutional investors and online platforms. With over 10,000 workstations served and over one million client portfolios analysed, the company is one of the market leaders in quantitative equity analysis.

Netfolio by Alphasys has an interface to theScreener. This means that theScreener valuations can be accessed directly within the portfolios.

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