Pension funds

Growing compliance requirements

Pension funds are subject to particular duties of care, loyalty and information, because the monies entrusted to them represent employees' pension provisions. Irrespective of whether pension funds manage the assets entrusted to them themselves, or delegate all part of this responsibility to third parties, they have to satisfy the compliance requirements absolutely and completely. The Netfolio asset management system is custom-tailored to these requirements.

Alphasys can assist with asset management as well as in compliance with laws and provisions: Netfolio software, especially developed for the challenges of portfolio management, stands out thanks to its ability to calculate risk indicators. Netfolio puts pension funds in a position to produce performance comparisons between different asset managers, taking into account the risk profile of the respective investment strategy.


Asset management and BVG/LPP reporting

Netfolio offers individual logins to give trustees, Control instances or mandate managers access to the portfolio management system (statt nur System) according to their needs and the relevant compliance rules. Netfolio gives pension funds the option of viewing assets and generating statements online.

Alphasys hat collaborated with pension fund managers to develop a wide range of functions meeting their specific needs, including BVG/LPP-compliant evaluation.