Alphasys AG

Alphasys - Your IT partner for asset management

Alphasys AG is a dynamic software enterprise. With Netfolio, we have developed a software solution for in-depth and professional asset management. We also provide our customers with the appropriate IT infrastructure and additional services. Our goal is to minimise your administrative effort so that you have more time for your core business.

The specialists at Alphasys AG combine sound knowledge of the financial sector with proven know-how in information technology. The company was founded in 2003 and is still managed by the owners. With the "Netfolio" portfolio management system, we have developed a solution that meets the highest requirements for convenience, security and compliance.

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Our independence is important to us

Alphasys is 100 percent owned by the founders and executive management.

It was important to us from the very start to be independent from any financial backers in order to keep control of the company in our hands at all times. We are proud to have successfully established the company on our own. We have even already arranged the company succession.

We place great value on innovative development

We constantly monitor the market and evaluate the latest developments to ascertain their usability for our clients. We use the location synergies of our corporate headquarters in Technopark Winterthur and the expertise of the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

A team of go-getters

We concentrate on developing convenient, high-quality solutions for our clients, fully customised to their specific needs. Our company's lean structures and flat hierarchies allow a flexible, uncomplicated and efficient approach. When we're emplementing a solution for a client we don't taste time or money. We communicate promptly and directly for maximum transparency.

Executive Management and Team

Alphasys was founded in 2003 by Andreas Bachmann, Fabrizio De Ambroggi and Roger Rüfenacht. In the meantime the company has added specialists for document entry, support tasks, performance invoices, risk management, database systems and software development. Our team's areas of expertise are enhanced by an extensive network of partners.

In 2013 Roger Rüfenacht retired from the operative business, but he still holds a share of the company.

Performance promise
  1. We develop groundbreaking software solutions for the future.
  2. We combine profound financial expertise with in-depth IT know-how.
  3. We offer our clients modular solutions that enable them to run their asset management business individually, compliantly and securely.