Netfolio | Functionality

Comprehensive functions for portfolio management

Netfolio offers numerous functions that are continuously expanded and enhanced according to market requirements. The functions make it possible to measure and review performance and liquidity at all times, display risk profiles and indicators, create reports or generate sample portfolios. You get an overview and control of transactions, broken down into various investment categories.

Performance measurement

Netfolio enables performance to be compared across different timeframes, asset classes and portfolio managers. These calculations always refer to invested and total assets, and the way total assets are presented takes account of financing to show leverage in the debt-financed portion of the portfolio.

Risk profiles and indicators

One of Netfolio’s particular strengths is the way key risk indicators are presented. It’s possible, for example, to calculate the Sharpe ratio or value at risk for all portfolios. Alphasys does volatility calculations on behalf of its clients, on both the individual security and portfolio level, in some cases in conjunction with SIX Financial Information.

Portfolio monitoring

Asset allocation can be presented either via the risk profile or via a comparison of actual and target figures, and the system automatically notifies the asset manager if action is required. There is an automatic alert if any limit is exceeded.

Reporting and documentation

Netfolio can prepare reports on individual and consolidated portfolios for any given reporting period. These reports can be generated directly and presented in PDF form, giving asset managers and their clients a constant overview of their portfolios. Reports can be used as a basis for producing statistics on parameters such as maturities, risk categories and performance contributions. Ideal for documentation and archiving purposes, these reports also help when it comes to meeting the relevant compliance requirements.

Model portfolio rebalancing

Model portfolios are an ideal tool for asset managers when it comes to making investment recommendations to actual and potential clients. For example an asset report is a good way of showing and explaining the way risks are diversified. Existing portfolios can also be linked with the appropriate model portfolio. This enables the asset manager to make tactical changes very efficiently, for example rebalancing portfolios in response to changes in the market. With Netfolio, rebalancing involves only two simple steps. First tactical shifts are made in the model portfolio, and then all client portfolios linked to this model portfolio are automatically adjusted, with the changes generating the corresponding buy and sell orders.