Complete Service for Asset Managers

Netfolio® from Alphasys is an internet-based, secure and individually configurable portfolio management system that meets the highest requirements. In addition to software for asset management, Alphasys offers its customers comprehensive services up to and including document processing. This leaves more time to focus on the core business.

The Netfolio portfolio management system has developed over the past decade into a comprehensive, modern software for asset management. Alphasys continually incorporates the requirements of customers, new provisions from the finance sector and IT developments. Various connections and visualisations simplify the administrative processes and assist you in meeting the regulatory requirements with minimal effort. ScanEngine for automatic entry of bank documents and integrated CRM simplify compliance and risk management.


The advantages of Netfolio for asset management are impressive:
  • one system for everything, including automatic document entry and CRM
  • internet-based, responsive and user-friendly
  • aligned with legal and regulatory provisions
  • interfaces with banks and real-time data (SIX)
  • high system security and extended automation
  • dashboards and reports can be customised
  • data centre and data maintenance handled in Switzerland or in-house
  • reasonable price-performance ratio
  • high quality, superior services for portfolio management

Presenting Netfolio

Optimally integrated into the existing market environment

The Netfolio internet-based software connects transaction and item data with current market data in real time. This makes it possible to rearrange portfolios at the push of a button. The EBICS interface from Alphasys simplifies internet-based data exchanges with banks.

High transparency and compliance verification

Netfolio and NetfolioCRM assist asset managers in complying with legal and regulatory requirements. The securing of individual functions with documents not only serves as verification of compliance, but also meets client expectations for transaction transparency.

In-house solution or outsourcing along with document entry

Netfolio makes it possible to not only use in-house solutions, but also handle the portfolio consolidation through the Service Centre of Alphasys with the secure data centre in Switzerland. The use of ScanEngine allows a large portion of the documents in PDF format to be processed automatically.


Comprehensive functions for portfolio management


Convenient asset management thanks to Netfolio add-ons

Set-up options

Which set-up option do you prefer? In-house or service centre?


A selection of our customers

Security for data and operations

In order to guarantee data security for the Netfolio program and take care of operational risks, Alphasys AG has taken numerous precautions. The goal of the security concept is to maintain Netfolio activities even in the case of a catastrophe, and to protect all the data in Netfolio against misappropriation.

We will gladly provide you with more information upon request.

Compliance with Laws and Standards

Netfolio fully encompasses the compliance requirements for asset managers. Since every function enables the relevant documentation to be stored with each transaction, Netfolio clients are able to document their business dealings comprehensively. For example, detailed receipts for each transaction help dispel any suspicion of money laundering.

Alphasys real-time prices from SIX Financial Information help asset managers execute transactions correctly. This is an important requirement in terms of compliance with the EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).

Regular reports from Alphasys make full archiving of proofs of assets very straightforward. This is important in terms of both disclosure to clients and the audit. Aasset managers subject to a regular audit have been obliged to have the existence of internal controls confirmed by the auditor.