Detailed asset reporting

An attractive, transparent reporting system provides an overview and strengthens trust.

Netfolio allows you to customise reports for individual or consolidated portfolios for any desired reporting period. Groupings across different portfolios are also possible. Thanks to the detailed expense, fee and tax amounts per transaction, an exact cost statement can be prepared for each custodian bank. If required, hidden costs like the TER (Total Expense Ratio) can also be made visible. Whether it be tables or graphics, extensive documentation or OnePager, almost anything is possible. Alphasys adapts all reports to a company or customer's corporate design in order to create identity. The reports are created directly by the program and generated as PDF files.


Versatile reporting options
  • individual design: colour, fonts, tables, graphics
  • individual portfolios or consolidations
  • bankable and non-bankable assets
  • statement of costs incl. TER per custodian bank
  • break-up of mixed funds
  • fund reporting with look-through
  • transparency across many levels
  • printing and filing of complete documents or single pages
  • numerous sample templates
  • available in German and English, partly also in French
Available sample reports

Choose from a range of sample reports with sets for assess, LPP (BVG) or family office. A set is a layout or display type. A set can contain one or more pages. Various sets with different display variants are available for the following topics:

  • asset structures by asset class and currencies
  • various types of asset developments
  • various asset overviews
  • cost or performance verification
  • risk/return comparison
  • maturities
  • various transaction overviews, e.g. investment transactions, income, etc.
  • key figures and similar
  • disclaimer
Individual reports

If you require a report set that is not covered by our selection, we will offer and create a tailor-made set for you.

Procedure for selection and development reports

Our specialists will be happy to assist you with the design and compilation of the reports.